When does your love story start?

Welcome to Tu Amor Online, the dating service where you will find love and friendship. Our goal is not to show off “who you are“… but to help you meet real people who are looking for a partner.

meet real people who are looking for a partner

The most charming singles

At datingsite Tu Amor Online everybody shows how they really are by using photos and videos. A picture, afer all, says more than a thousand words. At a glance you can see how someone really is, and you don’t even have to puzzle over funny, catchy wording.

Quickly a nice chat

Chatting on Tu Amor Online is easily accessible! The photos from your profiles are displayed in the chat window so you can see who you are talking with during the conversation. You can even talk face-to-face with the video chat. Fun and easy!

Meet real people who are looking for Love